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Sometimes relationships are so painful you want to leave, but there are consequences to leaving.  It is difficult to know if the relationship can be improved, stay the same or needs to end.  Discernment Counselling is a short-term process to help couples make better decisions about their options and choices.  It is probably the most important step prior to take prior to making any final decisions about counselling and/or divorce.

Each session is 90 minutes.  Charlaine will meet with you first together to review the history of the relationship and current challenges.  Next she meets each of you individually to explore your concerns, hopes and dreams.  She then helps you express to your partner what you need, what is not negotiable and what you are willing to change.  If both partners are willing to continue to explore and negotiate, then goals for counselling can be established or the decision to separate is made.

This short-terrm effective process clarifies the real issues and identifies what is needed.  It improves the likelihood of success in couple counselling and reduces animosity in divorce.

What couples say:

"helped us recapture the harmony we once shared"

"amazing advice, non-judgmental, great experience"

"able to catch what I was really trying to say"

"a safe place for me to go"




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