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In 2016, I started B&U to help save my fellow soldiers lives, or at least try to give them a second chance. After serving on the front lines in Afghanistan (Infantry & Artillery) at 18 years old and losing many of my friends during battle, I came home with severe PTSD. After 7 years of anger and pain I decided to use my struggle for good, and try to help others through their struggle.

B&U isn’t for me – It’s for you. For your friends. For your family. For anyone going through impossible situations, mental or physical. We are here to help.

Our story is your story. Let’s tell it together.

We don’t make products, we create wearable memories. Each unique piece is created with a story, with connections – with Unity. Wear them as a reminder of strength, confidence, inspiration, or in memorial of a loved one.

If you’re having a hard time, glance at your B&U and remind yourself you are strong, and keep pushing forward. If you’ve lost a loved one, remember their sacrifice and keep them close to you by wearing your B&U in their memory.

Our mission is to save lives. By donating 20% of our net profits, we help fund various Veteran assistance programs around the world that help rehabilitate Veterans for a productive civilian life. The funds go directly to mental health programs, prosthetic limbs, therapy/rehab programs, food/shelter/clothing for homeless Veterans, and many more – including help for their families. We only work with initiatives that put Veterans needs above their own, that stretch every dollar they receive.

We are building an army of our own to combat these growing tragedies!

Booth: 643
Address: Surrey, BC

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