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Founded in 2012 in Vancouver BC, and designed by a Surgeon with over 20 years experience treating patients with Vein Disease, Dr. Segal’s makes fashionable, technically advanced compression socks for the effective relief of tired, achy, swollen legs.

Before Dr. Segal’s, compression socks were just plain ugly. NO COLOR! NO style! NO ZIP! Not exactly a product that anyone WANTED to wear.

The thing is, they really do work. (Just try a pair on and you will feel the difference.) By adding a gentle squeeze to the legs, the MASSAGING action of our fabulous compression socks magically reduce leg pain and bring instant relief to tired, achy legs. YAY!!!

By keeping the medical technology and adding fashion and design the team at Dr. Segal’s was able to bring compression out of the dark ages and create a product that people actually want to wear.

Lets face it, who hasn’t experienced the discomfort of tired, achy, swollen legs? These days we sit and we stand for most of our day, and before we know it our circulation slows down and that painful, heavy feeling slowly creeps in.

Booth: 741
Address: Richmond, BC

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