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honibe® was born out of a camping trip “honey accident” in the mountains of British Columbia. I was hiking in bear country when I opened up my back pack to pull out a glass jar of honey I was carrying, and found it had shattered leaving a sticky mess!Why was I carrying a jar of honey in the first place? Good question! Honey is one of nature’s best kept healing secrets AND an excellent source of energy.

After many years of research and experiments, we created honibe® – the only pure dried honey in the world scientifically proven to retain all of honey’s naturally occurring health benefits.Today, our company’s mantra is to deliver honey to you in innovative and convenient products that contribute to your health and wellness in a way that only honey can: purely, naturally, effectively and with the fewest ingredients possible. We care about the health of humans AND bees. And we hope you will join us on our daily quest of choosing health.

What’s in a name? honibe® (pronounced honey-bee) pays homage to the hard working honey bees that make our product possible. We are passionate about precarious future of these amazing creatures and encourage you to check out our “Bee the change” page for more information on how you too can help save our bees.

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Address: Charlottetown, PE

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