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Popeye’s Supplements Canada now has Over 140 Locations across Canada providing customers results and solutions to fit their lifestyle and ultimate goals!

Today consumers are taking charge of their health. They are striving to feel better, look better, and perform at their optimum potential, male and female, young and old. Research reveals that balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help consumers achieve their goals dramatically. Popeye’s Supplements Canada Locations are here to help achieve those goals. Popeye’s Supplements Canada stores provide you with powerful, informative, knowledge and detailed information you have always been wanting. We answer all your questions and concerns about sports nutrition.

We only carry products that WORK and you will see excellent results, we GUARANTEE or simply return the product!

We read all the fitness magazines, just like you do, and we see all the same hyped up big glossy ads in those magazines. When you go into all those other health food stores, gyms, fitness and bodybuilding stores and you see all those bottles and big containers staring at you – yes, the ones you just saw in the magazines that can make you huge overnight. You start to think – “What are all those products for?” and then secondly, you think – “Which product do I want, and do I need it?” Two logical questions and you know what, almost all the time you just guess and take what looks good, or you think is good, because you just saw it advertised or hyped up in one of those fitness magazines.

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Address: Langley, BC

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