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We Like Food

I mean, it’s not like we want to marry it, but it’s a pretty important part of our lives.
Think about how much time we spend worrying, planning, preparing, serving, eating and cleaning up the food we eat in life…Never mind. Don’t think about it. It’s a lot.

Bottom line, we have some ideas on how to help in the kitchen. Different than what others are doing (who are taking away one stress and adding two more). We believe we can change your world. You want in?

  • These foods won’t spoil in a few days…or even a few weeks. They’re good.
  • You won’t be thawing, degreasing, or cutting raw meat.
  • You won’t be chopping veggies or washing and peeling fruit.
  • And there’s an extra burst of flavor you won’t find anywhere else! Just take a bite!

Booth: 417
Address: Chilliwack, BC

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