Every year we have customers that call us to ask about where they can find a retailer they saw at the show. Now customers will be able to contact you year-round, before, during and after the show via our new online Interactive Exhibitor List.

The Benefits

  • A $200 Value! You get a full page on our web site dedicated to you, with company logo, company/product profile, your email and website link and contact information.
  • ✓ Our web site gets 159,525 Page views and 53,889 visits each year
  • Promotion of the Exhibitor List on our website, post-show emails to our show visitors and VIP Club subscribers, Facebook Updates and Twitter messages.
  • ✓ Your listing remains visible from the time you book your booth to 3 months after the show.
  • ✓ The directory is searchable by Product Category, Location, Key Word or Alphabetical Listing


1. Create an account with the directory. To create an account, please visit the Account Registration link:

a. Create your own username which must contain letters and numbers, and be longer than 3 characters.

b. Your password must be between 4 and 16 characters in length.

2. When you have completed the “Account Registration” page, click “Submit” and an email reply will be sent to you containing your new account information.

3. Please click the link in the email to complete your registration.

4. You will be brought to the Login page. Please log in using the username and password you used to create your account.

5. You will see the My Account page. Here is where you can add a listing to the directory.

a. To add a listing click the green “Add a Listing” button.

b. On the “Advertise” page click “Select” under the “Interactive Buyers Guide Listing” listing.

c. On the “Listing” page please select the primary category for the listing.

d.Then, select the sub-category from the menu that appears.

e. Then, click the “Submit” button.

6. On the next “Listing” page you will be required to provide the details of your listing.

a. “Friendly URL” will be generated automatically from the “Title”. You do not need to change this.

b. “Short Description” will appear on the main directory page, while “Description” will appear on the individual listing page.

c. “Keywords” can contain up to 30 words to describe your listing. These should be separated by a comma e.g. “food, drinks, chocolate”.

d. NEW! “Business Hours” should contain your business hours. The second dropdown contains the opening time, and the third contains the closing time. Once they have been selected the “Add” button saves them in the listing. You can repeat this process for each day of the week that your company is open.

e. NEW! “Latitude” and “Longitude” mapping will be generated automatically when you click the “Select Coordinates” button. This button will display a map with the title “Select Coordinates”. Click your business location on the map and a red icon will appear. Once you are happy with your selection close the “Select Coordinates” window and your coordinates will be automatically generated. Note: this step is not mandatory.

f. NEW! “Facebook ID”, “Twitter ID”, “Google+ ID” and all other social media fields are not mandatory. However, if you wish for these pages to be publically viewable you should include them.

i. “Facebook ID”, for example, already contains “” which means you should not include the full URL of your company’s Facebook page. Instead, you should only include the text following “”.

Using the West Coast Women’s Show as an example our full Facebook URL is “” which means we would only enter “WCWomensShow”.

ii. This process should then be repeated for all other social media fields.

g. NEW! You can include up to 5 product or company images in your listing. These images must be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format and cannot have a file size greater than 2MB.

h. “Booth Number” should contain the booth number allocated to you.

7. After submitting your listing, you will receive a “Listing Received” email. This email confirms that the listing has been logged in the system but still needs to be approved by our administrator within 1 business day before it is active.

8. Once the listing has been approved by our administrator you will receive a “Listing Updated” confirmation email .

9. You can edit your listing by logging in to your account at any time.

a. On the “My Account” page click “Manage” under the listing you want to edit.

b. On the listing page you will be presented with a number of options. These allow you to edit your listing, add images, and even view the statistics associated with the listing.

c. To edit your listing click “Edit” under “Listing Details”.

d. Here, you should follow the same instructions as outlined in step 6.

e. When you are happy with your changes, click the “Submit” button.