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Why exhibit with us
Connect with 24,000 customers in a single weekend

From 2005 to 2018 our show attendance has increased by 125%! The 19th annual West Coast Women’s Show at TRADEX is the largest women’s event in Western Canada! Each year over 24,000 women come to shop, enjoy and discover the latest products and services, explore new ways to stay healthy, see and buy the latest fashions, manage their businesses and finances, look for new career opportunities, taste the latest food products, learn about nutrition and most of all connect and build year-round relationships with our 375+ exhibitors.


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Build Year-Round Relationships with the most powerful Consumers in the Marketplace

Women are the most powerful and influential consumers in the marketplace – through their careers or ownership of over 6.5 million women owned businesses in North America – and account for over 8.5 billion dollars in annual retail sales in BC. Women prefer to buy based on relationships and make or influence 75% to 100% of the shopping and purchasing decisions for their households.

The show effectively delivers the retail spending power of 60,000+ consumers; reach one woman, and you reach 28 others in her personal circle or network! There is no better way to build and strengthen your relationship than to talk to them directly!

Unique and Targeted Show Audience Not reached by downtown Vancouver events

Our show visitors live in some of the fastest growing communities in all of Canada! Changing demographics, housing costs and related growth of population in the Fraser Valley including Surrey has made this the #1 growth region of Greater Vancouver. Less than 10% of our audience attend any shows located at downtown Vancouver venues.

Each year thousands of women from all over Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley come to the show to explore new ways to stay healthy, manage business, discover new career opportunities, deal with family issues and connect with other women.

Spending Power

Not only do our attendees spend over $1.4 million during their visit, over 80% say they will be making purchases with exhibitors after the show! (Source: Show surveys)

Experiential Marketing Works – An ideal sales environment where visitors can feel and buy!

  • 88% of consumers said that if they enjoy an experiential interaction with a product or service away from the store, they’ll usually remember to add it to their shopping list.
  • 80% said they prefer brands that “do more to interact” with them over those that “just advertise” to them.

Stay Connected with Show Visitors Year-Round with Social Media

Build your own opt-in email and sales data base at the show! All exhibitors receive their own *year-round Interactive Online Listing and opportunities for website advertising, promotional opportunities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email blasts to our 18,000+ opt-in visitors list and more!

* Year-round listing applicable for exhibitors that re-book annually

$350,000+ Show Advertising & Publicity Campaign

Big shows have big advertising budgets. With over 400 booths the West Coast Women’s Show advertising and publicity campaign is just as big as the show itself and is valued at over $350,000 including newspaper, TV, Radio, Email, Social Media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Celebrity Presentations & Show Features

The show is renowned for its cutting edge one-of-a-kind fashion shows, celebrity speakers, stage presentations, health, fitness & sports demos, Girls Night Out celebrations, Mothers & Daughters Sunday plus more!

Professional Show Management

Our professional show team leads the industry with over 30 years of success producing and marketing leading consumer shows, exhibitions and special events. We are committed to producing quality shows with integrity, commitment and professionalism.


Estimated Attendee Spending


Read some of the glowing feedback we have received from our exhibitors!

Great show. We definitely felt that the numbers were up; sales were fantastic! We highly recommend this amazing, well organized show!

Karen Marquardt

Wow what a wonderful show it was for us, we had hundreds of women stop by and get to know us. The best thing was that our phones were ringing off the hook on Monday morning when our clinic opened – a great return on our investment. We have already pre-booked our booth for next year!

Yasmin Alibhai

The West Coast Women’s Show was a total hit! Attendees loved our juicy samples Sidecut rubbed AAA Alberta Beef…and we heard expressions of pure satisfaction more times than we could count.

Niki Youra

As a WCWS vendor we found the magnitude of exposure to our business outstanding. Women were attracted to our product and meeting new people while enjoying the easy and simple shopping experience. We met women who booked parties, bought product, and also wanted to join our company. Meeting other vendors and the energy of all the entrepreneurs was extraordinary. We look forward to participating again next year! Come join us!

Susie B. Brown

The West Coast Women's Show has been a huge success for us the past four years that we have participated. We come into contact with thousands of potential clients, which provides us an amazing opportunity to distribute information about our company. This is "The Show" to do!

Melody Leskun


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Largest and most successful women’s event in Western Canada
24,000+ show visitors over three days
Unique and targeted show audience not reached by downtown Vancouver events
Show visitors spend over $1.4 million during their visit
Face-to-face selling with measurable ROI
400+ booths
11 exhibit categories including Health & Wellness, World of Taste, Artisan’s Marketplace, Fashion & Style, and more
$350,000 show advertising and promotional campaign
Build your email and leads database with opt-in forms at your booth

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