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Women Empowering Women
A World-Class Panel on Female Empowerment, Leadership, and Inspiration!


Parmida Barez
Published Author, Award-Winning Public Speaker, & Songwriter

Parmida strives to empower others to become the leaders, movers and shakers of their own lives. She specializes in personal empowerment, mental health, life purpose and leadership. Her unique delivery, creativity and passion captures individuals from all walks of life. Both the breadth and depth of her experiences have equipped her with many life-changing tools, techniques and perspectives that she has dedicated her life to sharing with others on her journey.

In her 28 years of life, Parmida has grown into a woman who dedicates her life to inspiring and empowering herself, her community, and the world at large. Parmida is an Iranian-Canadian whose educational background is vast, ranging from Degrees in Political Science, Business & Education. Over the last 10 years Parmida has worked extensively with many charitable organizations, businesses and individuals using the tools and life lessons learned from her own story of overcoming Anxiety disorder, depression and agoraphobia to empower others to become the heroes of their own lives. Her first Solo book, “Becoming Your Own Hero,” is a useful resource that can be applied by any one, in any area of life, to ignite a game-changing advantage.


Aeryon Ashlie
Published Author, Public Speaker, & Fitness Model

Aeryon Ashlie, presented by Nature’s Fare Markets, is an Author, Speaker, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified ED Recovery Coach, Former Fitness Competitor, Trainer and Account Manager for one of the leading supplement companies in Canada.

After experiencing severe weight fluctuations for most of her life, a 20+ year battle with Bulimia and a negative relationship with food Aeryon is eager to share her strategies in how she created Health and Wellness Sustainability.

Join as she shares how to get a head start with behavioral plans for a healthy lifestyle with practical fitness in her seminar “Food and You”. Looking for encouragement, motivation and pointers? You do not want to miss this seminar. Aeryon has authored 2 E-Books and she has been featured on Radio, TV, and Newsprint.


Harj Hadani
Entrepreneur, Competitive Bodybuilder, & Owner of “Skinny Roti”

West Coast entrepreneur and competitive bodybuilder, Harj Hadani knows all-too well the difficulties that successful women face in the twenty-first century. According to Harj, “balancing the often-conflicting demands of marriage, motherhood, family, friends, and career – and always looking fantastic while you’re doing it – sometimes seems impossible. “It is as if you can not just be a woman you are expected to be Superwoman.”

Harj is not the first woman to note that juggling a career, a family, and a social life, while staying healthy at the same time, seems to require an almost superhuman amount of energy, ambition, and patience. Indeed, many women feel that demonstrating such superpowers is expected of them. This of course isn’t fair and Harj has made it her life’s mission to prove it isn’t true either.

“Women can have it all,” she insists, “great relationships, great careers, healthy and happy children, and can maintain their own physical well being while doing so. It is challenging for sure, but it is not impossible.” For Harj, you don’t have to have be Superwoman to live a happy, healthy, and rewarding life. You just need to decide that you are not happy where you are, understand that no one can do this for you, and have the courage to make the changes you need to be happy in your own mind, body and soul.