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DeeAnn Lensen is an award-winning, European-trained Advanced Aesthetic Educator, Spa Consultant, Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, keynote speaker, and Amazon best-selling author. She is the president and CEO of Touché Esthetiqué, manufacturers of Touché Beauty. She also owns Advanced Spa Technologies, a five-star spa, consulting, education, and distribution company in Canada.

A pioneer in pairing empowerment with spa treatments, her multi-faceted strengths have empowered thousands from the inside out. Frustrated by the onslaught of fear-based marketing targeted at women, DeeAnn dissected the cosmetic industry with its own fine-tooth comb and created Emotional Freedom Technique tapping exercises for women to use while applying skincare to increase self-compassion. She also offers many public programs, including “Empowered Inside Out Support System: Emotional Intelligence/Life Coaching,” “Emotional Freedom Technique Downloads,” “Life Mastery Group Coaching,” and “Women’s Empowered Inside Out Evenings, and Event Speaking.”

As a successful spa consult, DeeAnn has advised spa properties across North America. She is deeply respected for her ability to support spa businesses through multi-faceted education, creative marketing, empowering staff, coaching management, as well speaking at Empowered Inside Out Seminars for the clients of the spas she supports.

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