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Bio - Helen H. Designs

Intrinsic to me is my love of rocks, stones, and gemstones.  As a little girl, I was fascinated by pretty rocks at the beach and spent many hours collecting them.  Now, I travel the world handpicking beautiful, precious, and semiprecious gemstones. I both design and work with artisans to create beautiful and unique high-quality .925 Sterling Silver artisan jewelry at affordable prices.

I use only the finest materials including high quality .925 Sterling Silver jewelry, this is very important to me. My jewelry is not mass-produced and in many instances, only very few pieces are created at one time.  Many pieces of my collection offer hand-selected natural semi and precious gemstones.

A few words on .925 sterling silver.  Some time ago around the 12th century, someone decided to mix silver with other metals as silver is quite soft on its own.  This gave silver a strength it previously had lacked and .925 Sterling Silver was created.  Silver is typically a mixture of 7.5% copper and 92.5 % silver.  This combination is known as .925 Sterling Silver or SS. 

The silver used in our jewelry is of a .925 excellent quality.  Regardless silver can tarnish because of airborne compounds of Sulphur and exposure to low-level ozone.  A quick wipe with a cleaning cloth and buff brings your silver back to its new condition.  To keep silver looking its best when you’re not wearing it store in an airtight container.

Gemstones are one of nature’s many beautiful gifts to us.  Their beauty and color constantly amaze and inspire me.  Most gemstones have inclusions, inclusions are formed before the gemstone forms.  I love seeing inclusions within a stone as it tells me it’s natural and often give stone’s character and personality. I hope you love my jewelry, as much as I love putting my passion and creativity into bringing it to you.

Return and Exchange Policy

I work hard to bring you a quality product and ensure that is what is shipped to you.  I offer a 5 days return on a size exchange or damaged goods only.

Shipping is included in the cost of the goods displayed.

Thank you for looking at my site and shopping at Helen H. Designs.


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